The Purple Rose: Into The Tap . . . Book 1
By: A. Shockey

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The Purple Rose: Into The Tap
Book 1
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Author Alishia Shockey
The Purple Rose: Into The Tap ... Book 1

Tucked away like a secret in the row of businesses along Canal Street,
in the oldest section of downtown Savannah, is a curious little shop
called The Purple Rose. Here you will find books, on magic and
ancient realms. Scented oils, candles, runes, and other oddities. You’ll
be welcomed by Rose Marlon, the shop’s owner. A kind old woman
with a warm, inviting smile, and a cup of tea she’s made just for you.
And when she takes your hand, you’ll get the sense that she is far
more than she appears. And you’ll be right.

Rose is the fifth member of a sacred sisterhood. Bound together by a
force that transcends time, they are five women on a quest to survive a
present that comes on the heels of a past that killed them all. Hunted
for their gifts, and magical essence, their existence is threatened once
again. This time by highly skilled seekers. To survive, they must
uncover secrets hidden in their past. And put their trust in a bond that
not even death can break.
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